What is a doTERRA essential oils ?

Testimonial from a beautiful women and wonderful mother:

I want to share Frankincense with everyone ... like you shared it with me!

It's definitely my favorite Essential Oil! Basically I want to bathe in frankincense! It's important to me because you shared something to help me with such a personal issue I had.. My skin cancer! So I feel empowered having it! It's about sharing the right oil with someone,  the oil that will help them on a physical or emotional level. Then it becomes so much more! 


doTERRA knows the key to superior essential oil quality is the location where the plant is grown because where it’s grown is a primary factor in determining the therapeutic quality of the essential oil.  The composition of the plant will vary greatly based on the location, climate, and environment.  Plants grown in indigenous environments yield better results because the natural elements specific to that region promote a more therapeutic profile of the aromatic compounds produced by the plant. Where your oils are sourced matters.

Life is nutritious 

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