Testimonial from Rachel Austin:

"To me Delphine is not only an amazing Pilates trainer, but a wonderful person!
I have been an athlete most my life from gymnastics to dance I am now in my upper 50s I needed to get back in shape. When I met Delphine I explained to her what my goals were, she was the first trainer that actually listened  to what I wanted for my body.
I looked forward to every session with her because not only of her knowledge and ability but her enthusiasm and professionalism. Within the first two weeks I could already see a difference in my body shape and after six weeks I was down a size in clothes.
I like the fact that she would change up the exercises all the time to work the different muscles in my body, she was never easy on me but always made sure that I was never in any pain or anything was uncomfortable and if it was she would adjust the exercises appropriately so my body would benefit the most. I have been to many trainers in my life and have joined many gyms, but Delphine by far give me the quickest and fastest results and really, genuinely cared about not only exercising, my diet, making sure I was stretching and doing every exercise properly I would highly recommend her to anyone I know she's the best!"


Condition your body with a private Pilates instructor. No pressure, no judgement, just the pleasure of doing something beneficial for yourself. Build flexibility, endurance, muscle and core strength while putting emphasis on alignment, posture and control.

Delphine has been working with high level athletes on rehabilitation, injury prevention and physical imbalances since 2005. She's also certified in Pregnancy Pilates, found to be the most beneficial form of exercise during and after pregnancy.

Some of the benefits of practicing Pilates are:
• Decreases the propensity of Low Back Pain, Knee Pain, Tension Headaches
• Injury prevention and rehabilitation
• Stronger core = Flatter Tummies
• Preparation for labor
• Prevention of Diastasis Recti (postpartum abdominal separation) 

Life is nutritious